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Often drinking water filters can save your life
Often drinking water filters can save your lifeWhen you drink a glass of water you may think you are making a healthy ... ...

Often drinking water filters can save your life

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Posted on: 06/13/16

Often drinking water filters can save your life

When you drink a glass of water you may think you are making a healthy decision but what is in that water that you can't see?

Filtered drinking water is tasteless and odorless, but that isn't the same as tap water. Think about the taste of water from a drinking fountain, or when the quick-service restaurant reaches back to the hand sink to fill up your glass. Whether it is conscious or not, you can taste the difference from your drinking water source if it doesn't have a water filter system.

Chlorine (yes, the chemical used in swimming pools) or chloramine (chlorine with ammonia) and are intentionally added to water to disinfect it and make it safe for drinking however theses chemicals produce dangerous bi-products like THMs & VOCs. Together these additives have been shown to cause tooth decay, digestive and skin irritation, lower IQ levels and cancer.Studies show that chlorine by-products are frequently found in water supplies and consumption of unfiltered water is linked to higher risk of bladder, colon and rectal cancer.

Additionally, other contaminants can enter the water supply before reaching the tap. The best way to reduce the chemicals you ingest is by using a chlorine water filter refrigerator. A variety of filters, including water filter pitchers, counter-top or under-sink water filters, refrigerator water filters or a whole house water filters, are available athttp://www.amazon.com/shops/namtsostore .

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Namtso Refrigerator filters have become the essential part of our refrigerators that's a great choice for providing clean water which is good for health and also get clean and cool water at the same time. You do not have to wait no more like earlier days. Now a day's refrigerator filter is installed in our coolers device or refrigerators itself so that we can get clean and cool water at the same time. What do water filter 4396710 can do, it Namtso water filters household the water before goes into the refrigerator and give fresh and cool water simultaneously. Same time you can get ice from that filtered water. This can save your lot of money so that you would not spend money on mineral water bottles. People generally spend a lot of money on pure waters; they purchase costly mineral water bottles whenever they need to drink water.

Refrigerator Water Filter Care and Maintenance
Because it's out of sight, your refrigerator's water filter is often overlooked, forgotten about or just plain neglected. Changing the filter regularly is important, however, as buildup can resultRefrigerator Water Filter in water and ice that are not clear, refreshing or pure.

When to Change the MWF water filter
According to most manufacturers, you should change your refrigerator's water filter once every six months. Keep in mind, however, that this is just a general guideline based on average use.


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